With the sevens rugby season about to kick off, do you have all the kit you need to, literally, get your team up to speed? Here are some of the key bits of training equipment that can help improve your team's agility, endurance, and fitness.


1. Speed Ladder

The essential item for every speed and agility session. Get yours here

Rhino Speed Ladder

2. Speed Chute

The ideal piece of equipment for resistance in sprint drills. Get yours here

Rhino Speed Chute

3. Sports Training Hurdles

Encourage quick feet by working hurdles into drills. Get yours here

Rhino Speed Hurdles

4. Training Poles

Improve sidestep and weaving with training poles. Get yours here

Rhino Training Poles

5. Cone and hurdle set

Height-adjustable hurdles for improving footwork. Get yours here

Rhino Cone & Hurdle Set

6. Rhino Power Speed Sled

Increase resistance and test even the most powerful players. Get yours here

Rhino Power Sled

7. Grid marker discs

The training ground staple. Get yours here

Rhino Marker Cones

8. Rhino soft training cones

Solid but flexible cones for every drill. Get yours here

Rhino training cones

9. Rhino Flexicones

Indestructible cones for every session. Get yours here

Rhino Flexicones

10. Speed Agility Pack

Pack includes training poles, grid marker discs, hurdles, speed ladder, speed chutes, speed resistors and evasion belts. Get yours here

Speed Agility Pack

11. Core Agility Pack

Pack includes adjustable hurdles, speed ladders and grid marker discs. Get yours here

core agility pack

12. Speed & Agility Coaching Pack

Everything a sevens coach needs, including hurdles, speed ladders, speed chutes, speed resistor, training poles and evasion belts. Get yours here

Speed and Agility Coaching Pack